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Nonpoint is coming to Polaris (Columbus, Ohio) in August!!!

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Nonpoint is... 

Elias Soriano - vocals

Robb Rivera - drummer
Andrew Goldman - guitar
KB - bass guitar

Nonpoint Knowledge

Formed in Miami in 1997, Nonpoint is an interracial alternative metal/rap-metal foursome that consists of two Puerto Ricans (vocalist Elias Soriano and drummer Robb Rivera) and two whites (guitarist Andrew Goldman and bassist KB). Occasionally, the bilingual Sorian (a native of New Jersey) sings and raps in Spanish, although the vast majority of Nonpoint's lyrics are in English. The name Nonpoint is derived from Nonpoint Factor, which was the name of the outfit that Rivera (who is originally from New York) led in Puerto Rico before moving to South Florida. Goldman and KB, meanwhile, are ex-members of a South Florida band called Fuse. Nonpoint's first CD, Separate Yourself, was released independently in 1997 and was followed by 1999's Struggle on Jugular and 2000's Statement on MCA.

"No one would mistake this band for some sort of trip-hop hybrid. For all it's intricate musicality, Nonpoint is unalloyed kick-your teeth in rock. Their origins go back several years to Puerto Rico, where New York-native Robb Rivera first formed and led a band called Nonpoint Factor. The rock en espanol movement had already begun in earnest, but Robb wasn't satisfied with what he could accomplish on the island. He moved to Florida hoping to put together his own metal dream team. Enter New Jersey native Elias Soriano, who spent his adolescence in Ft.Lauderdale, having attended high school there. After attending a concert a concert by Puya, the highly popular Puerto Rican rock band, Elias fell in love with the music.

"From there, he landed an audition with Rivera and was added to the line-up on the spot. By 1997, KB and Andrew, both then members of the Florida band Fuse, were added as well. Bluesy and sonically bombastic, Andrew was a gifted guitar master, while KB -- a cross between Les Claypool and a WWF superstar -- was equally adept, inspired as he was by the late great bass visionary Jaco Pastorious. Together, they made a cohesive unit that quickly found favor on Florida's club circuit. Later in 1997 they released their premiere indie CD Separate Yourself, which became a regional best-seller. By the time major labels came courting, Nonpoint routinely sold out large venues, claiming one of the most rabid followings in the southeast. With thousands of South Florida fans going ballistic, there was no longer room for doubt, and when the dust settled, Nonpoint signed with MCA. "All along, the members of Nonpoint have had one mission in mind: expand the base. 'We're constantly concerting people,' says Elias. 'Our live shows are pure chaos: screaming kids with smiles on their faces, non-stop crowd surfing. We have a great relationship with our fans."





I would like to say hi to Kyle Ray and Joe Lookabaugh for being the only other people in our school that like Nonpoint. I would like to give a shout out to Bobby, Micah, Jason, Jimmy, and Aaron for keeping it real, and I would like to tell the people that let other people change them that it is really not cool and you suck.

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